Yelp Hotel Reputation: Online Presence

It wouldn’t be too farfetched to say that every organization has some sort of social media presence, and often times just enough to not be behind their competitors. But is your “enough” enough? After all, a hotel’s reputation can plummet with a single comment. Afraid of the consequences, some hotels are forced to buy back dissatisfied customers with all-expense paid trips.

Here, we’re talking about the double-edged sword of “feedback.” Valuable, timely, and potent, feedback is always a prudent area for all hotel managers. That’s why in an age where most if not all hotel look-ups and reservations are made online, we need to seriously reevaluate online reputation. Being vigilant with the latest comments made on Yelp and carefully discussing the daily complaints sent in by past guests can not only propel your hotel forward, but also draw customer attention to the positives of your hotel. A happy customer is a happy comment and a happy comment draws more guests.

Hotels: keep your customers satisfied. If there’s a complaint, respond to it. If there are inquiries, answer. If the line is long, shorten it. And if you’re struck with all three at the same time, check out Zairge.

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