The Age of Cool in Hotels

Marriott International Inc. is an established company that any traveller has heard of. Since 1927, there has been a variety of hotels ranging from independent inns to luxury resorts, Marriott is no doubt reknown in the hotel field. With multiple big chains, such as the Hilton and Marriott, it’s hard for the smaller brands of hotels to survive...and it’s about to get harder.

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, current chairman Bill Marriott announced that he plans on revamping the way his hotels will look. “We’ve got to be cool,” he exclaims, as he laid out his plan to replace the patterned bedspreads and fluffy carpets with flat-screen televisions and hardwood floors. The origin of Bill Marriott’s vision comes from his recognition that, “In four years, 60% of our business will be millennials,” or people between the ages 18 to 33.

Beyond the new designs for rooms and suites guests will be staying in, Marriott plans on radically upgrading their technology. Now with mobile check-in, and soon with mobile checkout, Marriott reveals that their guests will be able to unlock suite doors with their smartphones. Furthermore, they will be able to choose the rooms they want ahead of time. Hotels are the only industry that has not made it to the 21st century, but now they are pushing to be the most tech forward.

If you are a guest reading this blog, get excited for the future of hotels, no more waiting in lines or being frustrated with archaic check in processes.

If you are a hotel owner reading this blog, think about how guests will perceive your hotels in the future, who your clients will be. Replace archaic hotel management software to a more modern approach to give your hotel a competitive advantage.

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