Should Hotels Charge for Wifi or Offer it for Free?

Hotel guests expect more than just a bed from hotels. Studies show that 78% of guests bring laptops on trips and 55% carry tablets throughout their travels. Who can survive without technology these days?

It’s no surprise that 64% of hotels currently offer free wi-fi to guests. However, it’s actually a dilemma for hoteliers. The cost to provide internet for free has gone up since it is in high demand and expected. Therefore, many hotels choose to stick with paid wi-fi services to shed the cost and profit from the tech addicts. And lets face it, that is almost everyone in the 21st century.

Jason Jefferys makes an excellent point in his article of the benefits of investing in free wi-fi services. The obvious plus is that hotels attract more guests if free wi-fi is a feature. Before choosing somewhere to stay, this is a main feature people look for. Although, the main focus of Jefferys article revolves around using free wi-fi serves as a marketing tool. Under the disguise of “free” wi-fi, hoteliers have a chance to raise their hotels’ credibility and reputation. Perhaps a page that automatically opens before guests try to connect to the free wi-fi, discussing opportunities or advertising services within the hotel that the guests can explore.

Jeffreys also points out that the key to success in the field of hospitality is open, clear, and consistent customer interaction. By engaging guests in the benefits of a continuous, luxurious stay, owners can create more loyal and long-term vactioners through an experience.

Guests today, and especially of this decade, prefer digital materials over print materials. Who wants to print all their hotel reservation info? Wouldn't you rather just have a QR code on your phone or reservation number texted to you with all the information? That is what Zairge does, this self check in tablet system allows guests a truly millennial experience.