Last Minute Hotel Accommodations

Not everyone plans thoroughly before traveling. Chances are people walk into a hotel, hoping for some luck with getting a room for the night. Imagine if the hotel was fully prepared for these "walk-in" moments.

Last minute accommodations are sudden and do not need much attention in terms of marketing. Besides, how would you know if someone is driving through the city with no plan on sleeping over, but are just too tired to make the whole trip? A hotel would not know, but the hotel's reputation is also based upon its' preparedness and composure. Should hotels wholly dedicate themselves to projects that are all last minute accommodations? Not at all. What they should do however, is be able to set guests with unoccupied rooms efficently and with speed. All hotels want to avoid bad reviews from failing to meet expectations, Zairge is one way to prevent all those bad reviews.

Hotel guests' opinions are never the same for long. As hotels renovate their interiors and technology progresses, guests’ standards go up. Your hotel may have invested in a hotel management system that takes care of reservations, but does it efficiently notify which rooms are clean as soon as the housekeeping staff is done? This allows employee to offer just made rooms to walk in guests and turn over room sales faster.

Invest in walk in guests with Zairge! Zairge does not only offer real time information for employees and housekeeping, but for owners as well. Our suite allows the owner to have access to real time analytics from any device, anywhere in the world.