Hotels Need Real Time Analytics

Times are changing and demands of guests are increasing, therefore, hoteliers have no choice but to focus on the bigger picture. They must think about what their next move will be, as Auguste Comte put it, “Know yourself to improve yourself.”

In his article, Vikram Singh discusses the importance of managing assets, and especially those that are digital. Since almost all services are done digitally, Singh speaks the truth. He saw the clear apathy towards owning and managing their digital assets and suggests that there needs to be change. More specifically, the digital asset that needs to be treasured are web analytics.

Singh stresses that hotels cannot, and should never, leave a crucial asset like web analytics in the hands of a hotel marketing agency. Past the basic losses of investing in another agency for their hotels’ analytics, hoteliers are also losing a chance to understand their hotel revenue streams, etc.

In the end, any sort of change or future investments are done by the owners, and not the marketing agencies. Imagine if hoteliers had access to real time, up to the second property analytics from any device? Wouldn’t their decisions regarding their property be more accurate? Yes. Abandoning your precious data to be sorted by a third party agency is beyond nonchalance.

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