Check In: The James New York

A word to describe the James New York? Awesome. Located in the heart of Soho, the James may be the most clean-cut hotel in the area.

The room designs of the James is completely different from our last featured hotel, Aloft Harlem. The James features some of the most chicly designed rooms for the guests. Guests can choose from several different styles of rooms depending on their preference. Ranging from 280 square feet all the way to 1300 square feet of space, the rooms are all different and unique in both design and amenities. Most of these rooms offer complimentary wi-fi. One thing to note is that the penthouse loft style rooms were designed by a Dutch Designer, Piet Boon. Filled with timeless designs, this hotel has a perfect balance of function and aesthetics, the rooms of the James are definitely a place you would want to spend a night.

Outside of the rooms, guests have the opportunity to hang out at the most prized site, the Jimmy, a phenomenal Soho rooftop stated as the most "enviable feature." With a classic pub styled after the 1970’s of New York, the Jimmy is a sweet spot to mingle and drink during your stay at the James.

If you are looking for a place to eat at, the James recommends the David Burke Kitchen. On the same street as the hotel, the restaurant is run by David Burke, a leading pioneer in American cooking today. With a background in french culinary arts, the David Burke Kitchen is described by Forbes magazine as “perfect for a restorative meal or snack after a day of hitting the racks.”

Check in and Check out the James to really enjoy a hotel stay.