Check In: Aloft Harlem

Rarely do you see a hotel that has everything. But it really seems like Aloft Harlem hasn’t missed a single perspective of a great hotel stay, as they have every area of a hotel stay covered.

The general feel of the hotel is modern but interior design definitely takes a new meaning at Aloft Harlem. The beds face the windows so you’ll wake to sunlight. With carefree and bold furniture, and sprinkles of retro here and there, the rooms of Aloft Harlem make you double take and leave you wondering how you can make your own room like it. But don’t think the rooms are only about the visual awe. Packed within are fast and free wireless internet access, a 42” flat-screen television, and place for work.
In fact, you can feel the difference from the very start, at the lobby. A circular front desk? Innovation at its peak.

Outside your quarters, you will find not only a bar for you to take a couple drinks at but also a shop that contains some of your favorite snacks to munch on. Simply drop by this 24 hours a day, seven days a week snack joint for a sweet treat, some java, or perhaps a sandwich. Between meals though, you can relax by working out at the gym. With just your keycard and exercise gear on, you can enjoy the stationary bikes, treadmills, stairclimbers and elliptical machines for free. For the protein shakers, even strength machines and free weights are available for use.

Worried you can’t stay because of your kids or dogs? Once you check in, Aloft Harlem provide your children, between the ages of 2 and 12, with treats, kid-size air mattress and special bedding to welcome them to their room. They even get to interact with the entertainment kiosks so their stay at Aloft Harlem is never boring. Dogs are also equally welcomed as Aloft Harlem offers a dog bed, bowl, and even treats and toys!

All of this AND they keep a green code, by infusing natural materials like cork and sustainable wood veneers into their designs. Now, all Aloft Harlem needs to do put the finishing touches with Zairge. Check in and check out Aloft Harlem.